A Florida-based IT Compliance Advisory Firm Needed Strategic Salesforce Guidance

To create a foundation for future growth and providing an exceptional customer experience with predictability and forecastability.

USD $90,000
6 months

About The Client

This IT audit and compliance consultancy's mission is to help their clients untangle complex compliance objectives, and their experience is unmatched. They are redefining what the compliance industry should be.

The Requirements

Our client needed to engage with an enterprise CRM expert to lead a strategic transformation of the organization's customer sales journey.

The Solutions

The client found MeasureMatch through a Google search and quickly submitted his requirements, which were release to our network of several hundred CRM consultants and consultancies. Within an hour, several Expressions Of Interest (EOIs) were sent by exceptional prospective service provider partners. Each Expression Of Interest is a pitch, including a link to the service provider's profile which features a number of elements to capture the imagination and interest of a client.

The client quickly zero-ed in on a US-based independent consultant with over 16 years of digital product management experience in FinTech, ecommerce, digital media, AI/ML and analytics software. This consultant had previously led teams and tech platforms to deliver on marketing strategies and had partnered with leading platforms for marketing (Salesforce, Oracle, HubSpot), CRM (Salesforce, Braze, Intercom), and advertising (LinkedIn, Facebook/IG, Google, Twitter).

Following an in-depth discovery and scoping process, the client and his chosen consulting services partner agreed to enter into an engagement, the contract for which was confirmed in the MeasureMatch platform.

The Result

The client and consultant successfully concluded a multi-month engagement, which resulted in an integrated CRM strategy, supporting the growth of the business by making the sales/ other customer-facing teams more customer-focused, while leveraging standardized processes for maximum value.

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