MeasureMatch expert Alexis helped this specialist Amazon agency to map, ana analyze and visualize Amazon retail customer data.

MeasureMatch helps agencies, consultancies, consultants and systems integrators find valuable clients more easily.

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About the expert

Alexis is a data scientist/analyst with over 10 years experience in the industry who has worked on projects across the banking, retail, FMCG, online retail and oil sectors for companies such as Accenture, WPP, River Island, BP, Nestlé and GSK.

She enjoys giving insights to all types of companies, based on their data, which they can use to build in their forward strategy. She uses methods such as Econometrics, marketing mix modelling, predictive analytics, Google Analytics, online analytics and data visualisation.

The Requirements

As an independent consultant, Alexis’ biggest challenge in gaining client work is recognising opportunities with clients, but – as with every consultant – focusing on those conversations most likely to convert into business is a tough job!

The Solutions

MeasureMatch connects clients with enterprise systems and data needs with consultancies, agencies and systems integrators, plus consultants like Alexis who specialise in extracting maximum value from data.

The Result

Once part of the MeasureMatch marketplace Alexis was able to express interest in live projects relevant to her skills. An established Amazon marketing, SEO, advertising & strategy agency seeking a service provider to work on client dashboard analytics connected with Alexis and agreed a contract with her which was extended for further work.

Alexis deepened the client relationship to enable rebooking and received rave reviews for her work.

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Stephanie Bales is the head of e-commerce at Kano and used MeasureMatch to hire a Google Tag Manager Pro

“Using MeasureMatch helped me connect with a great client who needed my analytics skills quickly and easily”

Alexis, MeasureMatch Expert