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The 2021 LinkedIn Series: Screening Out FTEs

December 2021
2 minute read

The number of FTEs applying to provide services as independent consultants is growing fast, and the folks we're seeing are really surprising us - they each confirm their full-time status in big brands and very big consultancies, organizations that no doubt contractually forbid "side-gigging".

Despite our efforts to automate the screening out of FTEs looking for evening & weekend work (aka "freelancers"), we still get heaps of applications.

Ultimately, they're all thrown out. We do this for the very reasons you note in the article, which, as you and others will appreciate, is centred on risk-mitigation, including:

1. FTEs don't have the depth and breadth of capabilities or bandwidth to "fully meet the needs of enterprise clients", which is why we especially embrace consultancies, agencies and SIs (providing services via MeasureMatch) and...

2. These FTE applicants work in organizations that we want as our customers. How awkward would it be for a business leader to come into a services marketplace and see one or more colleagues signed up to provide services as an "independent consultant" or "freelancer"?

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What I don't fully get yet is, why?

Some tell us they want to "try independent consulting" to see what it's like. That's admirable. I get it. But there are better, local, own-network, focused ways to learn vs through services marketplaces.

Worryingly, FTE "side-giggers" appear to be under utilized and unmotivated in their current roles, which is no doubt a contributing factor of the #greatresignation.

Perhaps more importantly, we're early in learning how to best treat FTEs looking to try independent consulting. We’re baking ideas that will evolve our approach in the near term. All ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

For now, MeasureMatch remains 100% focused on serving business leaders looking to advance their systems & data capabilities together with exceptional and fully committed agencies, consultancies, systems integrators and independent consultants who are truly, fully independent.

Here's the full Forbes article.

See the LinkedIn comment here.

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James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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