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No accident

24 May 2018
2 minute read

Exceptionally productive marketing communications initiatives and optimal customer experiences are no accident.

These business initiatives and experiences are driven by the expert handling of increasingly complex software systems and enormous volumes of valuable data. The thing is, many organizations don’t have the right team members to do the expert handling (startups and scaleups, for example) or they don’t need or can’t afford this kind of talent to
be full-time employed.

But the work needs to get done.

The competitiveness and success of millions of companies around planet earth depend on getting the data and tech work done.

And done well.

 was created to address this mammoth, global opportunity. Below is a snapshot of the Target Addressable Market slide in our fundraising deck.


The MeasureMatch global network of independent data scientists, data engineers and technology specialists are, just like an Uber driver or an apartment via Airbnb, available on-demand to deploy, integrate, troubleshoot and operate critically important sales, marketing & CX technology systems and they are oh-so skilled-to-the-teeth to create tremendous value from the vast volumes of data these systems collect.

MeasureMatch is the professional services marketplace platform helping every company to be more successful in a digital world.


Just like Uber or Airbnb or Helpling or TaskRabbit, we support the matching of supply (only the best service providers, each vetted) with demand (only amazing clients, also vetted), all the way through to payment processing, ratings and feedback.

But that’s where the comparison ends.

MeasureMatch logo shape in blue

Hire a Marketing Automation Team in Minutes, Not Months

Instantly get matched to highly skilled independent consultants and consultancies via MeasureMatch.

MeasureMatch is on a mission to forever change the way businesses access and benefit from data, analytics & technology professional services. Nothing is faster, more transparent, cost effective, low friction and customer friendly.

From quick-win data analysis, customer segmentation, dashboard reporting or technology implementation tasks, to data pipeline solutions and enterprise-scale systems integration projects, MeasureMatch Experts are directly accessible and phenomenally on-demand across nearly 40 countries (and growing quickly).


A handful of the 1,000+ MeasureMatch Experts in our network that we’re excited to support are: Emma, Mark, Juliana, Stefan & Zach.

Are you an ambitious marketer, commerce leader or analytics pro? We have no doubt you have a growing list of tech and data projects that should have been done weeks or months ago.

You and your team are likely operating at close to or over 100% capacity. An extra pair of skilled and trusted hands can help to tackle that audience segment taxonomy work, or build that Datorama dashboard, or test API integrations or revamp your Mixpanel set-up. You name it.

The marketing technology ecosystem never felt so loved ;-)


Human first.

MeasureMatch Experts are amazing people. And they are great at their professional crafts.

Do more now and build new, trusted, valuable friendships.

Check out MeasureMatch today.

James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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