James Sandoval
24 July 2019
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Press Release: MeasureMatch launches Service Partner Hubs, enabling Technology Vendors to programmatically scale service partner relationships & support more customers faster

Enabling Technology Vendors to programmatically scale, manage & measure service partner relationships, support more customers faster

London-based MeasureMatch, the enterprise systems and data professional services marketplace platform, announces today the launch of Service Partner Hubs, a platform development designed to expand the value of the marketplace with the participation of marketing, commerce, customer experience and related analytics technology vendors. Service Partner Hubs provides a step-by-step process for technology vendors to formally create new, or rapidly expand existing, service partnerships globally with full transparency and accountability.

“The development of Service Partner Hubs is historic for us," says James Sandoval, Founder and CEO, MeasureMatch. “From the inception of the MeasureMatch business in 2016, it was clear that the participation of technology vendors would be enormously valuable for service providers, for clients, for marketplace dynamism and growth. Service Partner Hubs was 12 months in the making and is especially exciting because it builds on our focus to provide clients with seamless access to world class enterprise systems & data services professionals.”

Service Partner Hubs is starting with 20+ technology vendors, including FullStory, Heap, Amplitude, Qubole, mParticle, Tealium and others. 100+ technology organizations are expected to join in 2019, growing to more than 500 in 2020.

Technology vendors can now directly benefit from the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace.

Helping Clients Get Important Systems & Data Work Done. Because Software Is No Longer "As A Service“.

Business leaders in marketing, commerce, customer experience, product development and analytics roles are all aided by a growing number of software products. The astounding year-on-year growth of the Marketing Technology Landscape tells the story of an insatiable appetite for greater advances in software-driven data collection, data management, data engineering and data science, not to mention customer communications, customer service, customer identity resolution, customer experience personalization and much more.

MeasureMatch solves for this demand by carefully aggregating a global network of independent consultants, consultancies, agencies and systems integrators on the supply side of its marketplace platform, each easily booked into a service contract via a client’s submitted and approved project brief.

Further demonstrating value and trust for clients, Service Partner Hubs also enables technology vendors to verify service partner relationships, including skills, experience and certifications. The vendor approved profiles of each service partner are exclusively presented to clients in a technology vendor-branded “Hub” and each service partner’s profile is emblazoned with a “vendor verified” badge for clients to see.

Adding Value For Independent Consultants, Consultancies, Agencies & Systems Integrators

In 2017 the World Economic Forum, together with Accenture, noted in its white paper Digital Transformation Initiative - Professional Services Industry “The extent to which digital technologies are disrupting Professional Services varies across segments”. The paper went on to say “Advances in technology are opening the industry up to disruption”, and “platforms can disrupt and disintermediate traditional business models by bringing buyers and suppliers together.”

MeasureMatch is such a platform, operating on a borderless basis, preparing to scale into a $100+ billion addressable market.

Jedidiah Fugle, COO, Roboboogie, says, “We are thrilled to participate in the MeasureMatch marketplace. It’s the perfect forum for matching our specialized data-driven design and continual improvement services with the folks who need them most. Being able to step into client conversations with the endorsement of our beloved tech partners is a sweet new way to move quickly through the get-to-know-you phase. The development of Service Partner Hubs will no doubt help us to present our skills, our services, our value more efficiently and effectively.”

James adds, “With flexible and remote working on the rise, and an unprecedented acceleration in the formation of highly-skilled consultancies and agencies globally, this is a valuable new way for technology vendors to grow, support and deploy service partners from anywhere on earth, faster than ever before.”

Technology vendors interested in participating can apply for a Vendor account here.

MeasureMatch’s mission is to empower every organization globally to execute with unbelievable agility.

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About MeasureMatch

Founded in 2016 and based in East London, MeasureMatch is an award-winning professional services marketplace providing business leaders with direct access to a global workforce of independent software systems and analytics service professionals.

As many as 1,000 brands, retailers, agencies & consultancies are expected to turn to MeasureMatch in 2019 to find and book highly valued independent consultants & consultancies to get important software systems, data management and data science project work done fast, specifically addressing marketing, commerce, customer experience and related analytics business needs. 

MeasureMatch is backed by private investors from Google, Oracle, WPP, Dentsu Aegis Network, Havas Media, Omnicom Media Group, Coca-Cola and more.

Follow MeasureMatch on Linked In, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on live projects, platform developments and industry talking points.

James Sandoval

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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