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How to submit a great proposal

16 November 21
4 minute read

Be clear about what you believe needs to get done, when you can do it by and how much you're going to charge.

We know that how and what service providers communicate toclients interested in working with you has a huge impact on the lifecycle of aproject.  For your clients to succeed, you must clearly define your roleand deliverables, which should be set by you in a proposal submitted via ourplatform: a critical document for any MeasureMatch project.

There are some key tips and tricks we’d like to share with you, our service providers, which can make all the difference when submitting the best proposal possible in response to a MeasureMatch client's project brief.

What a good proposal should be:

- A clear statement of the client's goals, intended milestones and timings

- A list of the recommended deliverables and the route you will take to meet them, including time - and cost - assigned to each

- Mention of all materials/ access required from the client in order to deliver the project work

- Any specific terms you have agreed with the client

While some clients may require more detail, or request a proposal in a specific format, it's essential that service providers create proposals within the MeasureMatch platform for clients to accept.


The inplatform proposal forms the basis of the MeasureMatch generated project contract between client and service provider and enables us to invoice clients and get service providers paid efficiently.

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MeasureMatch knows how important it is to create a clear and concise proposal and we’re here to help.

Either the client will request a proposal from you, or you can proactively submit one, when you feel you know all you need to about a project to do so.

The MeasureMatch proposal form is designed to ensure you provide a clear and concise summary of your intended work which will help potential clients understand and accept your proposal quickly.

So let’s look at how we keep it simple.

Our proposal form is split into easy to complete sections which have been designed to support you to craft a great submission and maximize your chance of a client accepting:

1. Why you are right for this project

A short sentence or two to highlight your relevant expertise and skillset, reassuring the client - and other stakeholders they may choose to share the proposal with - of your suitability.

2. Summarise your understanding of the client's needs and requirements

This should be taken from the client project brief and information shared during  discovery conversations/ meetings. It's "agreeing what has been agreed".

3. Add deliverables, time and cost

Here's where service providers should break out the project deliverables; time they will take in hours, or days; and/ or the fixed cost (there are fields for all these options) and should prove a good point of reference if the client makes change requests while the project work is ongoing.

Throughout the proposal creation process, you can clearly see the fees MeasureMatch charges to services providers for contracts agreed via the MeasureMatch marketplace.

To ensure transparency, our pricing and fees structure is also referenced in our Help Center here.

4. Add any specific terms/ project payment milestones

This is a field allowing service providers to include specific terms you may have agreed with a client - or which a client has negotiated with you.

The standard MeasureMatch payment terms are easily found in our Terms here.

Following the proposal detail, we also ask service providers to reconfirm personal and company details, for inclusion on the contract if and when a proposal is accepted by a client.

Lastly, make sure you review what you have written and make any changes or additions you feel are needed to the proposal before submitting it to the platform which makes it client visible. Check before you post!

Once the proposal is agreed by the client, updates can be made to the contract if additional work is required, or there are changes to deliverables. For cases like this, MeasureMatch is here to help.

We hope you have found our best practice on creating a proposal helpful. 

Remember, always dedicate proper time to a project proposal. It’s the piece of work you need to do that will enable your client to choose you from their consideration set of service providers, so make it a good one!

Emma Marlow, MeasureMatch Co-Founder & COO

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