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Going For Growth: Introducing MeasureMatch Membership Plans for Service Providers

8 June 2023
1 minute read

Seven years ago, MeasureMatch was born with the vision of creating a dynamic platform that connects business leaders to exemplary consulting and professional services providers.

Today, MeasureMatch is a globally recognized, award-winning marketplace, catering to businesses across all industries, myriad service providers, and a growing number of software vendors seeking partnership and growth opportunities.

While we celebrate this growth, we acknowledge that there's a lot more to achieve - improving marketplace features, enhancing the customer experience, and expanding our overall impact. As we strive towards these goals, we're excited to introduce a pivotal development - paid membership plans for service providers.

Why invest in a membership plan?

Fuel Marketplace Growth

All subscription fees will directly go to funding sales and marketing initiatives, designed to increase marketplace demand. This shared investment means greater opportunities for everyone as MeasureMatch expands.

Amplify Opportunities

Our Advanced Plan offers limitless pitches to potential clients, paving the way for new business, repeat contracts, and revenue diversification.

MeasureMatch logo shape in blue

Solve Cloud Software, Data & AI Challenges Faster

For startups to large enterprises, MeasureMatch is the marketplace platform connecting business leaders with amazing consulting and professional services partners.

Enhance Revenue

With contracts ranging from $/£/€3,000 to $/£/€100,000+, a modest $49 monthly investment can substantially increase your earnings through MeasureMatch.

Unlock Premium Features

The Advanced Plan grants access to additional benefits to fortify your consulting business, including partnerships that foster trust and expedite client budget commitments. 

Join an Elite Community

The Advanced Plan unites committed professionals, reduces competition, improves opportunity quality, and enables us to provide unique features and value-added services to paid members.

Minimize Acquisition Costs

Traditional client acquisition methods can drain your resources. MeasureMatch, for just $49 per month, offers a direct line to potential clients, saving you considerable time and effort.

Reduce Risks

We value your time. With the Advanced Plan's unlimited pitches, you can swiftly move past unsuccessful bids, keeping your business momentum intact.


Please note that the Advanced Plan is required only if you intend to pitch for more than one opportunity per month.

We're thrilled about this next chapter and eager to create immense value with you. Thank you for being a part of the MeasureMatch journey.

Your questions, ideas, or feedback are always welcome.

James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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