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2022 Was Our Biggest & Best Year Of MeasureMatch Platform Development. Here's The Full Breakdown.

22 December 2022
2 minute read

Building a marketplace from scratch is quite an endeavour.

Said another way, it's really hard.

But, it's also heaps of fun, especially when you start to hit your stride like we did in 2022.

At a high level, this is what our product development looked like over the past 12 months.

MeasureMatch logo shape in blue

Solve Cloud Software, Data & AI Challenges Faster

For startups to large enterprises, MeasureMatch is the marketplace platform connecting business leaders with amazing consulting and professional services partners.

And this is the full breakdown...


  • Partner Exchange Account Subscriptions
  • Partner Exchange Customer Platform Invites
  • Admin Panel Permissions Management
  • Account Type Labeling/Naming
  • Service Provider Search in Admin (Revamp)


  • VAT Validation Updates
  • Desired Skills in Partner Marketplaces
  • EOI Popup Refactor (deprecated now)
  • Customer/Colleague Invites Relocated


  • New Dev Setup Rebuild
  • Desired Skills in Partner Marketplaces (v2)
  • Laravel Version Upgrade (Shift)


  • Full Signup Flow Revamp (huge)
  • Minimum budget reduced to 1k (from 3k)


  • Country/City Refactor
  • Client Account Multi-User Foundation (huge)
  • Expansion from User-Level to Account (huge)
  • EOI Matching/Filtering (huge)
  • Client & PX Account Project Access by Team Members (e.g. Read Only, etc)


  • Admin Visibility of EOI Matching Criteria (incredibly important)
  • Project Setup Refactor (huge)
  • Page Visit Tracking/Analytics
  • Admin Panel v2 (ongoing)
  • Service Provider Onboarding Skills Refactor


  • Admin Dashboard Tables
  • Admin Login as User (incredibly useful)
  • Profile Matching Logic/Analytics (huge)
  • Dashboards Client/PX (amazing)
  • Service Provider Bio Search in Admin


  • Skill Search Visual Revamp (cross-platform)
  • Service Provider Onboarding Skills Suggestions


  • Proposal Flow (huge)
  • Service Provider Proposal Flow Validation
  • Expert Rebooking Rebuild
  • Client/PX Request Proposal Rebuilt
  • Contract Download


  • Role Selection for Team Invites
  • Star Rating Logic Refactor


  • Profile Image Upload System
  • Service Provider Account Multi-User Foundation (huge)
  • Service Provider Profile Rebuild (really huge)
  • Sign Up Friction Removal Tweaks
  • Consultancy Conversion (ability to change from independent to consultancy)


  • Admin Panel Expert Project Engagements Reporting
  • Custom Vue Select

Get in touch if you'd like to ask us about any of the above items. We love to nerd out on this stuff, and learn from others.

A big thank you to our dev team! You know who you are! ;-)


James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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