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How MeasureMatch works

An end-to-end marketplace platform.
Easy to use, direct and fully transparent.

1. Submit a project brief

Submit the project brief is fast, simple and free. Once submitted, it's then distributed to relevant, on-demand Experts in the MeasureMatch network.

2. Get #MeasureMatched

Relevant, qualified* Experts will "Express Interest" in your project. Expect to see 5-10 Expressions of Interest within 24 hours of submitting your project brief.

*All MeasureMatch Experts are vetted (including an interview) before being accepted to the platform.

3. Expert gets to work!

Following discovery, scoping & pricing discussions, you lock in a service contract and get to work. Upon completion of the project, payment is then processed via MeasureMatch, which keeps 15% of each contract.

A Few Great Reasons to Use MeasureMatch.


Independent Practitioners & Consultancies/Agencies




Only Data, Analytics & Technology Services


Average Years


Vetted & Awesome
— Mark pybus, MD of DBi, a Havas Media consultancy

“Using MeasureMatch was a great way to find and quickly onboard a fantastic hybrid digital analytics/CRO specialist. Adding an extra pair of hands to my team to execute important client work was surprisingly easy.”

Mark is a fan.

Other Services Available via MeasureMatch

MeasureMatch Experts execute implementation, configuration, integration & troubleshooting of analytics, martech & commerce systems. And they create heaps of value from the vast volumes of data these systems collect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not quite sure how it all works? Check out these clarifying questions.

What is MeasureMatch?

MeasureMatch is a two-sided professional services marketplace platform that is designed to make it easier for companies to find and onboard high-quality Experts (i.e. independent consultants and consultancies) who are especially skilled in the areas of data management, analytics and related software systems to solve for marketing, commerce and customer experience (CX) business needs. Many of these professionals are independent practitioners (solo contractors), but many are also independent agencies and consultancies.

We carefully screen out FTEs looking for "side hustles". MeasureMatch's network of service providers is only made up of full-time independents or small/mid-sized agencies and consultancies.

Which services are available via MeasureMatch?

Broadly, the services available from MeasureMatch Experts fall into three core areas of value: Technology, Data Management & Analytics, but with a purposeful orientation around addressing and advancing marketing, commerce and CX business needs.

You could further segment these services down to advisory and execution services. 

We're heavily focused on maintaining a global network of Experts with the skills and experience to execute, to do the work that needs to get done. Their services include systems implementations, configurations, integrations and troubleshooting. 

Using Marketing Technology as an example, because we are marketing, commerce and CX focused, Buyers might choose to use MeasureMatch to find an Expert who can support or lead the deployment of a system like Decibel Insight for customer experience analytics or Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Management system for enterprise-wide, multi-channel data collection or Marketo for marketing automation. 

You can imagine how many other marketing technology-related services might be sought after by any number of companies around the globe. The same goes for data and analytics services.

Essentially, it is up to MeasureMatch Buyers (i.e. the companies in need of professional services) to let MeasureMatch Experts know what they need and to lock that into a service contract via the platform.

What is the MeasureMatch story?

Depending on how you #measure it, MeasureMatch is the product James Sandoval's ~10 year digital marketing services career and nearly 10 years of entrepreneurial adventures focused on marketing technology sales and data services. MeasureMatch really is the product of what he likes to call "entrepreneurial experiments" between November 2014 and March 2016 when, amongst other things, he attempted to roll up several analytics consultancies across Europe. The roll up didn't happen, but the experience was enlightening, inspiring and, importantly, it helped to shape what is now MeasureMatch.