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1. Sign Up

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How it works: Step 1 - Signing up to MeasureMatch is free and only takes a couple of minutes.

2. Find an Expert

You now have access to a global network of 1,500+ consultants & consultancies available for project work on-demand.

Declare a Need/Submit a Project Brief

Start by describing [keeping it simple to start] the work you need to get done. We're here to help, also on-demand.
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How it works: Step 2 - Submit a Project Brief

No need to over-engineer this. Keep it simple to start. We can help to flesh out and organize your brief with you, if needed.

Each Project brief is vetted by the MeasureMatch team before getting released to Experts. Clarity and relevance are important to maximize success.

Buyers receive EOIs (Expressions of Interest), then shortlist & invite the most relevant Experts into discovery, scoping, pricing & contract talks.

Select a Service Package

Service Packages, created by MeasureMatch Experts, are available to buy on-demand. These are especially useful for Buyers who dread the prospect of writing project briefs.

How it works: Step 2 - Select a Service Package

No brief? No worries! An Expert may have written it for you. Browse for services, but go in knowing that each is fully negotiable, customizable.

Service Packages can be booked as one-off engagements or as monthly retainers. Need someone 2 days/week for 3 months? Great!

Easily lock in valuable services - from 1 day training sessions to multi-weeks of strategic advisory or hands-on solutions engineering.

3. Get into a Contract

Agree on terms, timeline, deliverables and budget. And get to work!

All easily done via MeasureMatch!

It's an end-to-end customer experience.

MeasureMatch Experts take 85% of each contract.

How it works: Step 3 - Agree on terms, timeline, deliverables and budget. And get to work!
This is an example of a conversation between a Buyer & Expert about a Service Package.
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“Everything went great. Our MeasureMatch Expert visited us in our office twice and really understood our challenge. She will come again today to complete the deliverables and close the project.”

Jean-Marie is a fan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not quite sure how it all works? Check out these clarifying questions.

What is MeasureMatch?

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MeasureMatch is a professional services marketplace for brands and agencies to get important systems and data work done faster. Our end-to-end platform provides business leaders globally with direct, seamless and flexible access to a highly-skilled, liquid and verified workforce of independent business applications engineers and related data management and data science professionals.

It's never been easier to find and book a consultant or consultancy to get important systems or data work done.

Which services can clients contract via the MeasureMatch marketplace platform?

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The independent consultants and consultancies in our global network, around 3,000 in 50+ countries (as of early May 2019), execute important sytems and data project work including, but not limited to: A/B testing, CRM systems deployments and revamps, CRO, data cleaning, marketing performance reporting, identity resolution setup, machine learning for predicting and optimizing customer behaviours, marketing automation systems implementations, social media analytics, tag management, UX analytics, web analytics and much more.

The MeasureMatch global network of professionals is highly skilled, many are certified service providers with proficiencies across more than 2,000 tools and products including the Adobe stack, the Google suite of tools, AWS and Microsoft cloud solutions, DOMO, Power BI, Segment, Optimizely, Tableau and many more.

What is the MeasureMatch story?

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Founded by digital agency and technology veteran James Sandoval in 2016, MeasureMatch was developed to help businesses address the growing digital skills gap by providing direct, on-demand access to independent consultants and consultancies armed with the right skills to execute marketing, commerce and customer experience systems & data projects fast.

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