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— ALEX R, Google analytics & Google Tag Manager Expert

"Sourcing projects is time consuming and fraught with complexity, especially when recruiters are in the mix. The MeasureMatch service, however, worked like a dream. My client, Stephanie, was brilliant, too, and the support I received from the MeasureMatch team made for a five star experience."

Alex uses MeasureMatch to build a pipeline of projects.

Digital Analytics Strategist Mary uses data to improve user experience.  On demand for you at MeasureMatch

Mary S

Digital Analytics Strategist
St. Louis, US

Bio: After spending 10+ years building websites, I became interested in how users were interacting with our products and how I could make their experience better...

Specialities: SQL, UX Testing, Web Analytics, HTML/CSS, +4

Tech Expertise:

Business Intelligence professional Markus leads Analytics projects across the Abobe and Google tool suites

Markus M

Analytics Freelancer
Berlin, Germany

Bio: I execute Analytics projects for large companies in a temporary leadership role.
I have been a freelancer in the Analytics space since 2008, working from New Yor...

Specialities: Web Analytics, Business Intelligence, Mobile App Analytics, +14

Tech Expertise:

Juliana is experienced in setting up Analytics and delivering reporting Dashboards for MeasureMatch clients

Juliana M

Data Analytics Setup...
Barcelona, Spain

Bio: Juliana is a hands-on Analytics and Growth Service Provider with a strong user/web research and lean data analytics-driven methodology...

Specialities: Lean Analytics, Dashboard Development, CRM Systems, +9

Tech Expertise:

From startups to Fortune 500 comanies, Zach leads data driven marketing and communication strategy Projects poweered by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Redshift Technologies

Zach V

Marketing Data Senior Str...
San Francisco, US

Bio: Helping Fortune 500 companies and start-ups develop and execute successful, data-driven online marketing and communication strategies. Zachary has...

Specialities: Data Analysis, Marketing Data Audits, Data Integration, Predic... +5

Tech Expertise:

Datorama Expert Sam delivers digital measurement and Dashboard visualisations. On demand Technology expertise for you at MeasureMatch

Sam E

Datorama Expert
London, UK

Bio: Extensive experience in planning and implementing advanced digital measurement solutions. I have 3 years experience at Datorama, the worlds...

Specialities: Digital Measurement, Data Visualization, Dashboarding, +3

Tech Expertise:

Danielle specialisies in marketing automation, using Marketo and Google Analytics Technologies to deliver and measure efficiency

Danielle B

Marketing Automation Cons...
New York City, US

Bio: Danielle is a marketing consultant located in New York, New York. She specializes in marketing strategy and Marketo Consulting.

Specialities: Marketing automation, marketing strategy, +3

Tech Expertise:

A Data Expert from strategy to implementation, Mark has global experience with both client and agency side Projects

Mark T

Senior Data Strategy &...
London, UK

Bio: Over 25 years experience working with data across CRM, digital media, social media, e-commerce and customer experience. My experience covers both client and agency sides in the UK and abroad, from global corporations to A-series start-ups. My greatest hits include Unilever, easyJet, Diageo, giffgaff, Skype and

Specialities: Data strategy, CRM Strategy, Customer Loyalty, Digital Strategy, +4

From his own consultancy Data Mettle, Jeremy delivers Data science and machine learning Expertise for MeasureMatch

Jeremy M

Data Scientist
London, UK

Bio: I worked as a data scientist at Qubit and Ocado for several years before starting Data Mettle- a data science consultancy based out of London...

Specialities: Data Science, Machine Learning, C++, Deep Learning, +5

Tech Expertise:

Tania works on Data projects with a Leadership focus,focusing on data modelling, data build and campaign management

Tania M

Always curious and innova...
London, UK

Bio: Extensive experience in data analysis and management gained through working on major clients in the following sectors: automotive, retail, travel and leisure, financial, charity, public sector and government. Strong technical skills combined with the ability to explain results in a non-technical manner.

Specialities: Modelling, Database build & Management, Campaign Managem... +4

Expertise for 300+ software systems

MeasureMatch consultants and consultancies have deep and broad implementation, configuration, systems integration and troubleshooting expertise across 300+ marketing technology and many other systems to advance data collection, analytics and insight.

Marketing and the customer experience are data & technology-dependent, but driven and optimized by human expertise.

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