Tiran D

Independent Consultant
Westfield, NJ, USA

Digital transformation, process design, customer experience and technology implementation at enterprise scale. Although I worked in various industry verticals, I notice surprising commonalities: large enterprises struggle with massive amounts of data, unruly processes and well-intended technology solutions run amock. Data is our generation's new asset class. Use it right, and you will gain insights, delight your customers and retain your best talent. Abuse it and you face congressional hearings on privacy and become paralized with its analysis. Specific expertise in IoT, Cognitive Computing, digital transformation, advertising, Blockchain and Financial Modeling How can I help?


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Solutions & Advisory Skills

Big Data
Change Management
Cognitive computing
Predictive Analytics

Tools & Technology Expertise

Power BI
Microsoft Azure
Azure SQL
IBM Bluemix


Design Thinking Delivery Practitioner

James Sandoval
MeasureMatch CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MeasureMatch?

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MeasureMatch is a professional services marketplace for brands and agencies to get important systems and data work done faster. Our end-to-end platform provides business leaders globally with direct, seamless and flexible access to a highly-skilled, liquid and verified workforce of independent business applications engineers and related data management and datascience professionals. It's never been easier to find and book a consultant or consultancy to get important systems or data work done.

Which services are available on the MeasureMatch platform?

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MeasureMatch provides an end to end service to find and easily book independent consultants and consultancies to execute important sytems and data project work including, but not limited to: A/B testing, CRM, CRO, data cleaning, data science, data visualisation, identity resolution, machine learning, marketing automation, predictive analytics, social media analytics, tag management, UX analytics, web analytics.

The MeasureMatch global network of professionals, 2,000+ in 50+ countries, includes highly skilled and certified service providers with proficiencies across more than 2,000 tools and systems including the Adobe stack, the Google suite of tools, AWS and Microsoft cloud solutions, DOMO, Power BI, Segment, Optimizely, Tableau and many more...

What is the MeasureMatch story?

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Founded by digital agency and technology veteran James Sandoval in 2016, MeasureMatch was developed to help businesses address the growing digital skills gap by providing direct, on-demand access to independent consultants and consultancies experienced in successfully delivering marketing technology projects.

— Mark pybus, MD of DBi, a Havas Media consultancy

“Using MeasureMatch was a great way to find and quickly onboard a fantastic hybrid digital analytics/CRO specialist. Augmenting the value and speed of my team, to execute important client work, was surprisingly easy.”

Mark is a fan.

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